Deer Resistant Plants for Texas & the Hill Country — Homeowner Headaches

Bad news, there are no deer-proof plants. Good news, there are some tried-and-true deer resistant plants that should help avoid deer feasting on your flora. Plant these beauties and you’ll start sleeping better at night!

Why a post on deer resistant plants? Good question. The answer, I moved to an area where these beautiful plant killers roam. In search of answers, I created this go-to reference for deer-repealing, Texas and Hill Country greenery. Plant these beauties and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that your landscaping is — semi-safe from these ravenous meaning creatures.

What kind of deer resistant plants are you looking for?

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Attaching JavaScript Handlers to Scroll Events — a how-NOT-to, use this instead.

Don’t do what I’ve seen countless devs do — attach JavaScript handlers to the window scroll event. There’s a better way, here’s Twitter’s solution.

I came across an article by John Resig, Learning from Twitter — it completely changed how I attach JavaScript handlers to scroll events. It’s a simple trick that will help boost performance and help keep your code object-orientated.

It’s a very, very, bad idea to attach handlers to the window scroll event.

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Add WordPress Plugin Template Files

Creating a WordPress plugin where you need to create templates that can be overridden by the theme? Learn how to build a template loading system similar to WooCommerce allowing you to do just that!

If you’ve ever worked with WooCommerce theming, you’ve probably had to copy some of their templates files to your own theme in order to override the HTML. It’s a great system that allows frontenders the ability to change the output to match designs. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to do just that — easily add WordPress plugin template files.

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What Are Webfonts? — for Clients

The concept of webfonts, their different versions and how they render differently across different browsers, versions, devices and operating systems can be hard to explain to client. This will make it easy!

“Webfont… what’s that and why do I need them?” Trying to explain to a non-technical client the what, why and which webfonts are needed can be like having a conversation with a 2 year old in the ‘but why?’ stage.

What are webfonts?

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