Deer Resistant Plants for Texas & the Hill Country — Homeowner Headaches

Bad news, there are no deer-proof plants. Good news, there are some tried-and-true deer resistant plants that should help avoid deer feasting on your flora. Plant these beauties and you’ll start sleeping better at night!

Why a post on deer resistant plants? Good question. The answer, I moved to an area where these beautiful plant killers roam. In search of answers, I created this go-to reference for deer-repealing, Texas and Hill Country greenery. Plant these beauties and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that your landscaping is — semi-safe from these ravenous meaning creatures.

What kind of deer resistant plants are you looking for?

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Daily Fantasy Football… for real money!

Looking for a Bodog replacement? Since the shutdown on Bodog in the U.S. I’ve been looking for another, legal site where I can play the odds and make a little more. If you’re in my shoes, look no further than!

Daily Fantasy Football For Real Money!

Start Playing!Since the shutdown of Bodog, I’ve been looking for an alternative to fill the empty void that’s been left. No more play-by-play bets, head-to-head competitions, no more thrills or excitement as I watch my account balance jump (…and drop) after each play. I’ve never really been big into sports, but Bodog gave me that excitement, thrill and competition I needed to get into it—not to mention it’s poker tables. Since their shutdown, I’ve been looking for something else I can throw my money away on. I found it today after listening to Jason & Deb’s morning show on 101x, daily fantasy football leagues where you can play for real money.

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Open Letter to My Girlfriend (Now finance!)

[dropcap type=”v2″]I[/dropcap] originally wrote this on May 16, 2011 (1 year, 8 months, 29 days ago) and posted in on Facebook for all of our friends and family to read. An open letter to my girlfriend (now finance), I wanted the world to know how amazing she is and how lucky I feel to be with her. I meant every word then and even more so now. Angela Aruffo, soon to be Angela Marshall, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you Poptart!

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Angel, will you marry me? The proposal speech — well at least was supposed to.

After three and a half adventure-filled years including a 195 mile move and a year in a trailer, I proposed. I had a grand plan for the proposal — instead it turned into a quaint camping trip, she still said yes!

I proposed to my girlfriend on the October 12th, 2012 while we camping over the weekend… she said yes! I ended up having to ditch the plan I really wanted to pull off due to schedule conflicts, but was still able to pull off an awesome surprise.

I wanted to get all of our family and friends in the action, but unfortunately they had other priorities. Ended up having to improvise while we went on vacation, but no worries — all went well. Here’s the original speech I had planned. Continue reading “Angel, will you marry me? The proposal speech — well at least was supposed to.”