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Daily Fantasy Football

Looking for a Bodog replacement? Since the shutdown on Bodog in the U.S. I’ve been looking for another, legal site where I can play the odds and make a little more. If you’re in my shoes, look no further than FanDuel.com!

Daily Fantasy Football For Real Money!

Start Playing!Since the shutdown of Bodog, I’ve been looking for an alternative to fill the empty void that’s been left. No more play-by-play bets, head-to-head competitions, no more thrills or excitement as I watch my account balance jump (…and drop) after each play. I’ve never really been big into sports, but Bodog gave me that excitement, thrill and competition I needed to get into it—not to mention it’s poker tables. Since their shutdown, I’ve been looking for something else I can throw my money away on. I found it today after listening to Jason & Deb’s morning show on 101x, daily fantasy football leagues where you can play for real money.

The Good, The Bad, The Awesome!

FanDuel.com Pros
  • You can play against me and take my money!
  • 100% legal in Canada and USA
  • FanDuel.com is the leader in Daily Fantasy Football, games daily
  • Full refund if you don’t love your first $5 or $10 game
  • Fund with Visa or Paypal, they pay the withdrawal fee!
  • Join daily fee-rolls and win cash prizes
  • The website has a very simple, clean, user interface
  • Play at work, it’s mobile friendly!
  • Play games head to head or against thousands for a larger prize
  • Play public or private games against your friends
  • Receive lifetime commissions of your referrals
  • Import your line-up and play multiple games in one day
FanDuel.com Cons
  • FanDuel.com can be addicting and you need to be careful that you only use money you can afford to lose
  • You can only play daily or weekly fantasy sports, no traditional fantasy sports
  • You can chat on the sidebar of the website but there are no chat rooms

Head-to-Head Competitions!

I’m completely new to fantasy football, so really have no clue what I’m doing. I put in $100 to play around with and see what I can learn—and maybe win! Follow how I’ve been doing with my fantasy leagues below:

Date Contest Score Opponent Fee Winnings
MLB 9.18.13 MLB 50/50 League 16.91 (47 of 50) 50 player league $1 $0
NFL 9.19.13 NFL Salary Cap 60k Thu Sep 19th 59.56 (249 of 250) Tournament $1 $0
NFL 9.19.13 $2K Thu Snap #4 59.56 (1102 of 1116) Tournament $2 $0
NFL 9.19.13 $2K Thu Squib 74.26 (2065 of 2234) Tournament $1 $0
NFL 9.19.13 $3K Thu Dive #2 108.04 (908 of 3351) Tournament $1 $0
NFL 9.22.13 Weekly Depositor Freeroll #1 (000-CCX) 81.66 (878 of 1105) Tournament Free $0
NFL 9.22.13 $5K Radio/TV Freeroll 45.86 (1098 of 1101) Tournament Free $2
MLB 9.23.13 MLB Salary Cap 35k Mon Sep 23rd 40.25 (3 of 10) 10 player league $1 $1.80
MLB 9.23.13 MLB Salary Cap 35k Mon Sep 23rd 40.25 (15 of 100) Tournament $1 $0
MLB 9.23.13 $1250 Mon Bunt 30.16 (812 of 1397) Tournament $1 $0

Share Your Fantasy Picks

I’d love to get some advice & pointers. Shoot me yours below! Check out the reviews from other sites for FanDuel’s daily fantasy football leagues and if you have one of your own, shoot me a line and I’ll be happy to post it below.

FanDuel.com Reviews

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