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Have a good topic you want to write about? I’d love to hear about it.

Guest blogging is an effective link building & SEO strategy that benefits everyone — the site, the readers, and good for you. Grow your online reputation by guest blogging.

Pitch me your concept to be a guest writer.

My readers have a voracious appetite for information and perspectives. Guest posting can be an outlet and promotion for you. If you have an interesting article to share or an idea about a post, I’d love to collaborate on it.

Guest blogging & the audience.

The audience is web developers and developers of all skill levels. I welcome guest posting at any skill level.

Beginner articles have the highest bar.
Topical 101 articles are easy to find and have a tendency to be not-so-great. We’d rather not add to that, but instead, if we do a beginner article, make it extremely good.

Intermediate level articles are the bread and butter.
It assumes some basic knowledge of code editors, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Advanced articles are great for guest blogging
…so long as they are approachable by someone at the intermediate level trying to level up. That means a high level of clarity, step-by-step instructions, lots of reference material, working/annotated demos, that kind of thing.

The vibe for guest bloggers.

Friendly. Authoritative. Welcoming. We’re all in this together. Flexible (non-dogmatic about ideas). Thankful.

Don't forget when you are guest writing.

You’re a developer, you know exactly what you want when you land on an article. Create that. Good code examples, live demos, and images illustrating concepts.

Pitch me your concept.

You send me your concept .

I approve the idea.

You write an outline or something outline-like

I approve that.

You write & submit the article.

I proof-read & edit it.

It get’s published.

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Give me a couple of days to review & get back to you. I'm looking forward to working together.