Do you have a good article to share? I love guest postings on my blog. It’s always a win-win-win for everybody. Pitch me your concept today!

Guest postings are good for the site, good for the readers, and good for you. My readers have a voracious appetite for more information and perspectives. Guest posting can be an outlet for your thoughts and promotion for you. Read about how to become a guest author on my site below, then contact me.

# Possible Topics

I prefer if the reason you are writing is because you have something you very much want to share. You have a deep knowledge on this topic. You are excited about it. You’re ready to tell people about it.

If that’s all true, then exactly what you write about can be within a wide range of topics. Essentially “anything web”. This site is mostly about front-end web design and development (it is certainly broader than just CSS & JS), but I’m not opposed to anything as long as it’s related to the web at least somewhat.

Remember guest posts can be about just about anything web-related that you’re very interested in. I prefer that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, and ideally have production experience with whatever the topic is.

# Audience

The audience is front-end web designers and developers of all skill levels. I welcome guest posts at any skill level. I can help set the expectations for the article early in the article itself.

  1. Beginner articles have the highest bar. Topical 101 articles are easy to find and have a tendency to be not-so-great. We’d rather not add to that, but instead, if we do a beginner article, make it extremely good.
  2. Intermediate level articles are the bread and butter. It assumes some basic knowledge of code editors, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  3. Advanced articles are great, so long as they are approachable by someone at the intermediate level trying to level up. That means a high level of clarity, step-by-step instructions, lots of reference material, working/annotated demos, that kind of thing.

# The Vibe

Friendly. Authoritative. Welcoming. We’re all in this together. Flexible (non-dogmatic about ideas). Thankful.

# Process

It goes a little something like:

  1. We start talking
  2. You pitch the concept
  3. We approve that
  4. You write an outline or something outline-like
  5. We approve that
  6. You write the article
  7. We edit it
  8. It gets posted
  9. Like any process, it’s malleable.

For #2 there, the pitch, that should be something like this:

  1. Potential Title
  2. Who is this for?
  3. What would someone be searching for on the internet and be glad they found this?
  4. A paragraph or two (or an outline) introducing the idea and plan.

Remember the things I want the most are strong reference material. You’re a developer, you know exactly what you want when you land on an article. Create that. Good code examples, live demos, and images illustrating concepts.


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