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Starter Gulp build configuration with ZURB Foundation integration.

Wasting time repeating the same start-up steps for new frontend projects? Are you a fan of automation, NPM, Gulp, ZURB Foundation, Sass and the latest JS compilers? Speed up your development lifecycle and save an average of 8 development hours (or more depending on design) with gulp-foundation.

Installing is easy.

npm install

Configuring is a cinch.

  • Knock out base & repetitive theming with SASS and ZURB Foundation.
  • Quickly configure JS files for minification & optimization.
  • Full control over coding practices, linters & more for consistent coding.

Running & integration is seamless.

During development:

gulp watch

During development in production mode:

gulp watch --prod

For development:

gulp build

For production:

gulp build --prod

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