Official fully-featured job board plugin that seamlessly integrates with GitHub Jobs, Indeed, Dice & more!

Jobify is a lightweight & easy to use job board plugin that works with any theme — simple to setup and robust in features. Includes a powerful developer API that integrates with other sites like GitHub Jobs, Indeed, Dice, USAJOBS, Careerjet and more.

Jobify Features

Jobify is fully-featured and highly configurable. Here’s just a few of the highlights:

  • Monetize your site with the Indeed Publisher Program & Careerjet
  • Optional job post type allows you to host your own job postings
  • Customizable widget that displays the latest jobs postings from GitHub Jobs, Indeed, USAJOBS & more
  • Geolocation support to display targeted job postings
  • Developer API allows additional job portals, theme & plugin integration
  • Shortcodes to easy add jobs to any post, page or widget

In addition, Jobify features:

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Languages: English

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Posted by Ben Marshall on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Display Jobify Jobs

Displays Jobify jobs.

[jobify keyword="developer" limit="5"]

Available options:

  • limit
  • keyword
  • location (zip/postal code or city name)
  • geolocation (0 to disable, 1 to enable)
  • portals (comma separated list of job portals: careerjet, github_jobs, indeed, jobify, usajobs)
  • powered_by (0 to disable, 1 to enable)

Edit job listing:

[jobify]<p><a href="[app_url]" target="_blank">[title]</a> ([company]) - [location]</p>[/jobify]

  • [indeed-jobroll] – Displays an Indeed Free Jobroll™
  • [indeed-job-search] – Displays an Indeed Job Search Box

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the ‘jobs by indeed’ attribution?

You can’t. In order to use the Indeed API, the attribution link must be present on the page. For more information, see

Developer Usage

Add a New Job API

You can add additional job APIs using the jobify_addAPI() helper function. Once added, these will appear as options in the Jobify widget.

In your theme or plugin, use the following example:

 * Jobify job portal API example

  'key'     => 'unique-job-portal-key',
  'title'   => __( 'My Job Portal', 'text-domain' ),
  'logo'    => '', // Best 153x50px
  // List of API requirements/additional API info
  'requirements' => array(
    'geolocation' => __( 'Supports geolocation if enabled.', 'jobify' )
  'getJobs' => function( $args )
    // Create the returned jobs array
    $jobs = array();

    // Get the jobs to the array with the following key value pairs
    $jobs[] = array(
      'portal'       => 'unique_portal_key',
      'title'        => 'Job Title',
      'company'      => 'Company Name',
      'company_logo' => ''
      'company_url'  => '',
      'city'         => 'City',
      'state'        => 'State',
      'country'      => 'US',
      'desc'         => 'A fancy job description here.',
      'app_url'      => '',
      'lat'          => 'latitude',
      'long'         => 'longitude',
      'date'         => '2016-01-26',
      'location'     => 'Somewhere, USA',
      'address'      => '8888 Address Here',
      'phone'        => '898-239-2338',
      'email'        => '',
      'type'         => 'Fulltime',
      'custom'       => array(
        'custom_parameter' => 'i can be anything'

    return $jobs;


See Jobify’s WordPress Changelog to view details.

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