jQuery Slider Menu

Tired of those standard click ‘n drop menus? Need something with a little more pazazz? Try my jQuery Slider Menu.

Inspried by the menus in the Agile WordPress theme and Foundation’s drilldown menu.

See Demo | Fork on GitHub

jQuery Slider Menu Features

  • Easy-to-use & light-weight at only 1.88KB!
  • Responsive with optional theme
  • Works with any HTML list
  • Tested in Chrome 56, FF 51, Safari 10, IE 10
  • Meets Web Accessibility guidelines
  • Semantic markup for enhanced SEO

jQuery Slider Menu Usage

Transform any list to a slider menu simply by calling it on the menu list you want to fancify!

// Default usage
$( '.my-menu' ).sliderMenu();

// Custom back link
$( '.my-menu' ).sliderMenu({
  back: '<span>Back</span>'

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