Book It! Transportation WordPress Plugin

A reservation management system for your business enabling you to easily accept and manage your reservations. A great limo reservation software solution.

Book It! Transportation V2 in Development!

UPDATE (December 3, 2013): I’ve received a lot of emails expressing interest in the Book It! plugin. After taking a long hiatus, I’ve decided to continue development and have began working on V2. This will be a complete rewrite of the existing plugin, offering a better interface, new features, premium modules and bug fixes.

Download Now (Version 1.0.8) Fork on GitHub


To include a reservation booking form in a blog post or page, use the bookit_reservation_form shortcode.

Change Log

2013.03.23 – alpha-1.0.8: Fixed bug where reservations can’t be deleted
2013.03.09 – alpha-1.0.7: Fix for outsource company emails and other misc. bugs
2013.03.02 – alpha-1.0.6: Misc. updates for submission to the Plugin repository
2013.03.02 – alpha-1.0.5: Misc. upgrades and bug fixes
2013.02.20 – alpha-1.0.4: Major enhancements, bug fixes and new configurable options
2013.02.16 – alpha-1.0.3: Added several customization options, fixed a few bugs, and started work on The Money Box
2013.02.14 – alpha-1.0.2: Added customization options with a plugin settings page
2013.02.03 – alpha-1.0: Launched the first alpha release v1.0 on Austin Choice Limousines (

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