Open Letter to My Girlfriend (Now finance!)

We’ve been together for 2 years — I love you more today than I did then.

An open letter to my girlfriend (now finance), I wanted the world to know how amazing she is and how lucky I feel to be with her. I meant every word then and even more so now. Angela Aruffo, soon to be Angela Marshall, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you Poptart!

We’ve been dating two years now and for anybody that doesn’t know me, that’s a really long time. You mean the absolute world to me and couldn’t imagine where I’d be at or what I’d be doing if I hadn’t met you. When we first started dating, I was broke, jumping from one job to the next and moving every six months if not more. I didn’t have any valuable possessions and typically spent every extra penny I had at the bars or McDonalds. I was constanting dating, going from one girl to the next without any care or thought to my future. My life was so crazy and out of control that a screenplay was written based off of it. Now I’ve got an amazing job, making an exponentially amount of more money, planning on buying a house within the next couple of months with only more and more increasingly better opportunites coming our way. You’ve been able to deal and handle my family (which says a lot all on it’s own), you’ve stayed by my side regardless of the crazy and outrageous idea’s I’ve had (I’m going to miss the box, still waiting of the wilderness thing ;)). You’ve turned my unstable, unpredictable, and unsecure life into a ever-promising, stable, and still unpredictable (can’t have too much fun when everthing is planned out) one. You accept my eccentricities and humor them even when you know it’s crazy to. You don’t get mad or upset when I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on insane ideas. You let me be who I am while making sure I don’t go off the deep end. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’ve gone through the bad and the good. We spend more time laughing, smiling, dancing (or at least trying to), and having fun hanging out than any relationship I’ve ever had. It’s a little clique and definitly a lot corny but you truely are not only my girlfriend, but my best friend. Instead of having everthing in common we balance each other out. Instead of yelling and screaming, we talk, laugh and smile. Instead of nagging and getting annoyed at the little things, we embace and appreciate them. Instead of getting stressed out and worried we lean on each other knowing that there’s nothing in this world that could bring us down. You have a huge heart, you’re caring, loving, and helpful to everyone you encounter (except for people that cut you off ;)). You’ve showed me that the world isn’t all bad, there still is hope. You’ve done more for me than you could ever know or I could ever realize. I will love you for an eternity. You are and always will be.. my poptart ;).

Happy Two-Year Anniversary, here’s to another 70 more!

Ben Marshall

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