My Frontend Build Process

I’ve been a developer for some time now with a focus on the frontend. For a majority of the projects I’ve worked on, the initial “base” setup is always the same:

  1. NPM to handle my dependencies
  2. Gulp to automate repetitive tasks (linting, optimizing, transpiling, etc.)
  3. Sass to preprocess CSS
  4. Component & Modular based CSS and JS folder structure

And most importantly… sticking to established standards. My two biggest compliant’s were creating this same “base” setup for every new project and new developer ramp-up time. Both of which would eat into actual development time costing the client more money in the end. My solution was Frontend Build and with it, I’ve saved on average 3 – 8 hours depending on the project! Continue reading “My Frontend Build Process”

Automating Styleguides with Styleguide-Driven Development

In the past four years there has been an explosion of new technologies in front-end development. We are inundated with new projects like Bower, Cucumber, Behat and KSS. It is a lot to take in. At the past two Drupalcons there have been sessions about this overload, My Brain is Full: The state of Front-end developement. Essentially those sessions are asking “What the hell is going on?”

Continue reading “Automating Styleguides with Styleguide-Driven Development”