WordPress or Drupal: Compare to learn what’s best for your site!

I recently received a message from a local Austin computer technician, Sergio Garcia. His question is a common one among business owners looking for a quick and easy solution to setup and mange their new sites, which is better, WordPress or Drupal.

Hey I just have a quick question, I fix computers in the South Austin area for a living and it has been time for me to have a website. Nothing too complicated but a good-looking simple and effective page where guests can find my business phone number, map where they can find me, maybe with a slider in the first page with pictures of my work and the office, blog and all that.
I don’t know much but I hear Drupal and WordPress are good options but I do not know which one is better.

Do a quick Google search for WordPress or Drupal and you’ll find article after article proclaiming one over another. It’s a never-ending debate that’s been taking place for decades. Years ago, there may have been a right and wrong answer to that question, but with time comes technology and technology is what builds advanced CMS. Since the release of WordPress 3.0 on June 17, 2010 and Drupal 7 on January 5, 2011, the line between which is better has become fuzzy. It’s no longer a question which is best, but which is best for each person site’s needs. I might take some flak for this statement, but I challenge my readers to prove me wrong; There’s nothing a WordPress site can do that a Drupal site can’t and nothing a Drupal site can do that a WordPress site can’t.

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Drupal Preprocess & Process Functions

Need to override something in Drupal? Welcome to Drupal preprocess and process functions — your variable override headquarters. Here’s a simple explanation of what they are and how to use them.

The main role of the Drupal preprocessors is to set up variables to be placed within the template (.tpl.php) files. In Drupal 7, they apply to both templates and functions. The preprocessing hook provides frontend developers more control over the output allowing for more clean, efficient code. With a little basic PHP knowledge, after having read this post. Drupal preprocess and process functions will by crystal clear. Continue reading “Drupal Preprocess & Process Functions”