Facebook PHP SDK v5.x (4.1) — a complete guide!

Facebook SDK PHP is a powerful library allowing you to retrieve user information, publish to profiles, enable Facebook registrations, logins and more. Learn how to easily implement the Facebook SDK PHP library (v4) with easy to follow examples to get your site integrated quickly.

Implement the Facebook SDK 5.x (4.1) for PHP to enable one-click registrations & logins, gain access to user photos, timelines and even publish to profiles.

Update (April 29, 2015): Facebook PHP SDK 5.x? What happened to 4.1 you ask? The Facebook PHP SDK will start following SemVer starting with v5.0. Before the decision to adopt SemVer, the official Facebook PHP SDK was going to be released as v4.1. But now v4.1 is just an alias to v5.0.0. So any references to 4.1 can be safely aliased to v5.0.0. For more information, see F8 2015 Facebook Developer Conference and the new PHP SDK.

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